Equipment Lease Calculator by Vendor Lender


There are so many elements that go into running a successful business. Hiring a new team of professionals, renting an office space, dealing with equipment and safety regulations, advertising…the list goes on and on. Having the right equipment to accomplish your tasks is paramount, and this why you can never compromise on the quality of your equipment. High-quality equipment won’t break down under pressure while continually producing excellent results is essential.

While purchasing equipment can be a daunting investment, there are a variety of tools that can help businesses achieve their goals. One of those tools is an equipment finance calculator. The three online calculators available on our website are simple tools that allow potential customers to estimate costs early in the process. With these, you can get a fair idea about the kind of factors that can go into projecting rates and terms. Those who are looking to purchase equipment and need financing, these equipment finance calculators have been specially geared to suit your needs.

The lease rate calculator helps you by giving an approximate idea of your monthly instalment payment based on equipment cost, business type and lease term. The equipment rental calculator can assist you in calculating the weekly amount of your rented equipment based on the total equipment cost and duration. Our loan calculator is yet another useful tool that can give you a quick idea of your weekly loan payment based on the total loan amount, the term of loan and payment frequency. All three calculators are free to use and will give you reasonably accurate results. Once you’ve made with the calculations, you can instantly apply for an equipment lease, rent or loan directly from Vendor Lender, a reliable partner to your business.