Payment Processing Solutions For Small & Large Enterprises

Payment processing

  • Super Easy Process to sign-up or switch
  • Our pricing model is cost plus
  • We fund you. You spend it how you choose
  • Verifone, Ingenico and Virtual terminals

Loyalty Programs

  • Grow your sales
  • Makes gifting easier
  • Custom Branded Cards
  • Customer support when you need it

Restaurants / Caterers / Bakeries Rates start @ 1.36%

Restaurants/ Caterers/ Bakeries Rates start @ 1.38%

Start-ups qualify as low as 0.04 cents!

Cost Plus Pricing

Countertop, Short & Long Range Wireless

How It Works


Processing Payments is complex. Think about it. As a merchant, you accept a credit or debit card from your customer for payment to close a sale. The information on that card needs to transmit from your store to the processing payment network. It then needs to get routed to the appropriate card brand (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) where the payment gets authorized. From there, funds need to be drawn from your customer’s bank account and transferred into yours. Quickly and securely. To pay for all that processing, the card brands charge fees – Interchange. There are various fees categories and they differ based on risk, card type, and average transaction volumes.

Money made easy

With EFS Merchant Solutions, you can start accepting customer payments with Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network and American Express. We also process Interac debit card payments.

Our gift card programs are among the best in the industry and well supported. Keep your customers coming back with gift and loyalty program cards customized for your business and your customers.

Our rental program has been designed to help you get the equipment you need as quickly and as simply as possible. First, select the equipment you need from a dealer of your choice. Then fill out a simple application which we will submit for approval. Usually rental approvals for your kitchen equipment can be processed the same day or even instantly. Once approved we will purchase the equipment you’ve selected on your behalf! Quick and easy.